Slingshot 2018 Windsor Wakeboard

Slingshot 2018 Windsor Wakeboard

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Slingshot 2018 Windsor Wakeboard

Slingshot 2018 Windsor Wakeboard
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New Carbon Bedrock Inserts
Carbon Bedrock Inserts are Slingshot's strongest and lightest mounting system yet. Reinforced by patches of carbon fiber, the new four-pack inserts are ridiculously strong, but remain flexible, which allows for an uniterrupted flex pattern.

Ballistic Park Base
The new Ballistic Park Base utilizes the most durable material on the market and is designed to withstand the abuse of the world's hardest-charging riders.  Whether you're on metal, wood, plastic, dirt, or grass, you have permission to go Ballistic with this new base.

Vertically Laminated Wood Core
Slingshot's vertically laminated wood core construction utilizes the collective strength of wood's end grain to create flex characteristics unlike any other material in wakeboards.  This unique construction brings boards to life with a new level of energy under your feet.  Benefits include bigger rebound for stronger pop, more forgiveness on landings and, of course, an unrivaled experience in the park.

Slingshot Signature Flex Tip Technology
The most advanced flex technology in the industry, Flex Tips allow for a stiffer belly while bringing the flex farther out towards the tip and tail for a whole new press experience only available through Slingshot.

  • Slingshot Fusion sidewalls

The Windsor board has a special feel in 2018.  Maybe that's because James can stare down at his beloved home country while riding.  For years, James has been asking for a park board that is stiff in the center with a significantly softer tip and tail.  The stiff center helps maintain pop off the water, as well as speed through big kicker landings. The soft tips allow riders to lock into presses with very little resistance from the stiffness of the board.  After a few years of perfecting this new design, Slingshot has finally delivered James' dream board.  Once you press on a Slingshot Flex Tip board, you'll never feel the same about your old setup.

  • Excellent all-around park board.
  • Great pop for air tricks.
  • Added traction for hard-edging.
  • Stiffer belly makes kicker landings easier.
  • Lock into presses like never before with Flex Tip technology.
LengthWidthRockerRider WeightBoard WeightBaseFins
137 cm 43 cm/28.4 cm (Tip/Tail) 2.65" Up to 154 Lbs. 7.7 Lbs. Ballistic Park Base Four 0.75" x 6" (1.9 cm x 15.2 cm) Wake Fins
141 cm 44.2 cm/28.8 cm (Tip/Tail) 2.75" Up to 182 Lbs. 7.9 Lbs. Ballistic Park Base Four 0.75" x 6" (1.9 cm x 15.2 cm) Wake Fins
145 cm 45.5 cm/29.1 cm (Tip/Tail) 2.78" Up to 210 Lbs. 8.1 Lbs. Ballistic Park Base Four 0.75" x 6" (1.9 cm x 15.2 cm) Wake Fins
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SKU 182601
Brand Slingshot
Gender Men's
Model Year 2018
Ability Intermediate-Advanced
Base Slider
Wakeboard Flex Flex Technology
Rocker Hybrid
Type Cable/Park/Slider