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Trucks Explained

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Skateboard trucks are comprised of seven main pieces: the hanger, the bushings, the pivot cup, baseplate, kingpin, axle, and axle bolts.  The truck is one of the most essential parts of the skateboard because it will more or less determine how your skateboard will ride.

Diagram of a Skateboard Truck

Highs or Lows

There is a bit of a variance in how high and low trucks skate.  High trucks, naturally, with have you sitting higher off the ground.  Highs also allow you to turn more.  Low trucks are usually better for more technical and precise skateboarding.

Standard vs. Hollow

Weight plays a role in choosing the right pair of trucks, as well.  Standard trucks are the original version of the skateboard truck...and have more weight to them.  As skaters continued to progress and the level of skating continued to rise, skateboard truck companies started to get more innovative and the hollow truck was developed specifically to get rid of some extra weight.  

Along with the move towards lighter trucks came the advancement of thinning out baseplates and utilizing lighter materials to give your trucks and your setup a more floaty feel.


Every truck company sizes their trucks differently.  Some use the length of the hanger in inches as the size.  Others use the length of the hanger in millimeters.  And...others size their trucks based on the length of the axle in mm.  Here's a general size chart to give you a basic idea:

Truck BrandTruck Size (hanger in mm)Recommended Board Width
Independent 109 7.125"-7.6"
Independent 129 7.6"-8.0"
Independent 139 8.0"-8.25"
Independent 144 8.25"
Independent 149 8.25"-8.75"
Independent 159 8.75"-9.125"
Independent 169 9.125"-10.0"
Independent 215 10.0"
Truck BrandTruck Size (axle in mm)Recommended Board Width
Thunder 143 7.125"-7.6"
Thunder 145 7.4"-7.9"
Thunder 147 7.9"-8.2"
Thunder 149 8.2"-8.4"
Thunder 151 8.4"-10.0"
Truck BrandTruck Size (hanger in inches)Recommended Board Width
Krux 3.0 7.125"-7.4"
Krux 3.5 7.4"-7.75"
Krux 4.0 7.75"-8.25"
Krux 4.5 8.25"-8.5"

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