Ronix 2018 Press Play ATR

Ronix 2018 Press Play ATR "S" Edition Wakeboard

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Ronix 2018 Press Play ATR "S" Edition Wakeboard

Ronix 2018 Press Play ATR "S" Edition Wakeboard
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  • Rocker flex.
  • G AND R Technology,
  • Concave bottom.
  • Created for the everyday rider.
  • Four fiberglass 0.6" Free Agent fins.
  • Ridden by members of the Kinetik Crew.

Who says every park board has to be made out of wood?

This cable shredder proves that not every aspect of a cable board has to be soft.  This shape has a variable flex along the rocker line with a thicker/stiffer belly, and then transitions to a super thin profiled, soft tip/tail.  Some riders want to be able to rock into a press with a bigger pivot point underneath their feet and have a smaller flex point in the end of the board.  The Press Play ATR "S" is a newly redesigned shape for entry-level riders looking to get the feel for riding laps, or for mid- to high-level who want the feel and snap of foam construction.

2018 Press Play ATR

More Information
SKU 18215
Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Model Year 2018
Ability Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced-Expert
Base Slider
Wakeboard Flex Traditional
Rocker Continuous
Type Cable/Park/Slider