Ronix 2018 One Custom Fit Boa (Black/Man Mint) Impact Jacket

Ronix 2018 One Custom Fit Boa (Black/Man Mint) Impact Jacket

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Ronix 2018 One Custom Fit Boa (Black/Man Mint) Impact Jacket

Ronix 2018 One Custom Fit BOA (Black/Man Mint) Impact Jacket
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Custom Fit
Innovative 4-way stretch zones and a cutline unlike any other jacket.  For the rider who wants an impact jacket to form to their body like it was custom tailored.

Impact Jacket
Riding in close proximity to a shoreline, shallower waters, or just like being one of those water rebels?  An impact jacket maybe just for you.  Not approved by law, but they add an extra bit of impact protection...and offer a lot more freedom that U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets.

4-Way Stretch Neoprene
Better than 2-way stretch, this material moves with you in any direction.

Standard Torso
Based around the symmetry of a standard chest size.

  • Tailored fit.
  • Lightweight foam.
  • Flex zone technology.

Think of it as an Intuition Liner for your belly.  Forms to your chest like no other water garment.  Redesigned by a Manhattan tailor, dropped into a computer, and scaled to fit just the right way.  Oh, can also fine tune this "ONE" even more with the new Boa System.

WARNING:  This vest is for competition water skiing and wakeboarding.  It IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

2018 One Custom Fit BOA

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SKU 18406
Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Model Year 2018
Color Black
Type Competition-Style