Ronix 2018 Limelight ATR

Ronix 2018 Limelight ATR "SF" Women's Wakeboard - DEMO

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Ronix 2018 Limelight ATR "SF" Women's Wakeboard - DEMO

Ronix 2018 Limelight ATR "SF" Women's Wakeboard
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You never realize how much you ride in the back seat of a wakeboard until you ride camber.  Camber allows you to ride in the most ergonomically correct body position and drive off the wake in a more centered position.

Vertically poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper for those floating menaces at the cable park.

A wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line, which used to be the weakest part in the board, is now the strongest.  Monocoque is a more durable construction with a torsionally stiffer ride.

M6 Hardware
The Euros have it figured out.  A higher thread count means more hold in a shallower depth.  No you can have a thinner profiled board with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lockdown.  The result is a board with more feel and contact on the water.

Magic Carpet
New fiberglass materials that finds that perfect weave that allows enough resin to bleed through and adhere to the Magic Carpet.

Mod Pour Foam
An ultra stiff, lightweight, super saucy core, this demanding alternative foam is made from Ronix's exclusive blend of atoms, setting the standard with the highest strength-to-weight ratio ever tested.

Low Friction Base
Developed for the most glide speed in high-end boat boards.

Secret Flex
Women's-specific construction.

  • Four alloy 1.0" Ramp fins and four fiberglass 0.8" Free Agent fins.

Demo: New/unused with a slitght cosmetic scratch on the topsheet.

What would happen if Ronix took their two hottest features and threw them in a blender?  The combination of camber and the speed of the One board created the Limelight by Dallas Friday, the most advanced women's-specific boat riding board to date.  Now riders drive off the wake using both legs, with a more powerful, but centered snap.  Because of the growing trend towards faster boards, the revolutionary Limelight was designed to ride higher on the water than any women's board ever tested so that you don't have to create an unneeded, exaggerated angle to get serious lift.

SizeRocker StyleRocker HeightStanceCenterSurfaceWeight Range
132 Camber 2.3" 19.5"-25.5" 16.8" 759 sq in. Up to 160 Lbs.
136 Camber 2.9" 20.5"-24.5" 17" 797 sq in. Up to 175 Lbs.
More Information
SKU 18221-DEMO
Brand Ronix
Gender Women's
Model Year 2018
Ability Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced-Expert
Base Standard
Wakeboard Flex Traditional
Rocker Camber
Type Boat