Ronix 2018 Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer

Ronix 2018 Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer

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Ronix 2018 Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer

Ronix 2018 Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer
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  • Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • Ronix exclusive tooless Fin-S 2 System
  • 1 4.5" Epoxy Molded Symmetrical Fin
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin


Hit the E-brake on the 21st century hustle. Sometimes you need to quit updating your social media site, replying to the "what did you do last night?" text, and go ride! Even school and work should be taking a rain check. Sometimes we need those days and a product to remind us all of why there is no feeling like riding sideways on the water. One of the most buoyant surf constructed boards in Ronix's range has a full rail with a forgiving soft bevel. The result is their most stable, easy going, soul turn special that is perfectly forgiving for a Sunday afternoon cruise. Grab a couple of your favorite chums, regardless of the surfer's size or boat wake, and experience the endless wave of this design. New for this year the Koal Classic Longboard features a more convex design with an even thicker profile spine running through the board.

The building block to a surf-constructed surfer. Made with the same process and ingredients as your most favorite saltwater brethren.

This thickness is for a rider that just wants the classic feel of a traditional wakesurf cross section, not too thick, not too thin. It has greater feel for the water than it's thicker counterparts but also has more topwater speed then a skimmer.

Smooth, predictable arcs for a classic surf feel

2018 Koal Classic Longboard Sizing

More Information
SKU 18240
Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Model Year 2018
Construction Surf-Constructed
Ability Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced