Ronix 2018 Frank Wakeboard Boots

Ronix 2018 Frank Wakeboard Boots

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Ronix 2018 Frank Wakeboard Boots

Ronix 2018 Frank Wakeboard Boots
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Quick Snap Laces Handles
New for this season, these parts offer an easy and solid tether to the boot.  Easily interchangeable parts for service.

Mag Lock Beams
Magnesium's amazing strength-to-weight ratio allowsRonix to cut the parts' weight by 30%.  BRAINFRAME models have never been so light.

  • Digitally printed upper.
  • 3D molded tongue.
  • Stage 3 liner.

Aloha, fun in the sun flexibility...sugar coated on a BRAINFRAME chassis.  Support is focused below the ankle to create a solid connection and hollowed liner ankles allow you to move freely in any direction, while still feeling locked in.  The Frank is Ronix's most affordable high-performance BRAINFRAME boot.  A perforated softer liner creates enough side-to-side mobility for a well-rounded riding journey...wrapped in island-inspired digitally printed art for your pleasure.  Can you find the ukulele?



  • Adapts to the shape of the foot and lower leg, an unfiltered line of communication between rider and board.
  • Secures the foot from the bottom up, allowing a more uniform fit and flex in the upper while also adapting to a wider range of widths.
  • Instant energy transfer from the laces into the board inserts reduces energy loss and rider fatigue.
  • More accurate lasting than traditional boot forming methods.
  • Accentuated heel pocket curvature built in to improve heel lock and expand around the rider's foot/leg shape.
  • Centers foot over the top of the baseplate and provides solid medial/lateral lower foot support for those big landings.
  • Limits distortion in the upper and breakdown over time.


  • 3x more adjustable fore/aft.
  • Die-cast parts ensure a solid connection between the boot assembly and the bolts in the board.


  • Plate can be much more rigid because no stitching is required, allowing Ronix to inject a much harder/stiffer material.
  • More lateral flex across the base, allowing the board to flex naturally across the foot from side to side.
  • 13% more baseless footbed surface than Ronix's original design - more foam surface, more contact, more feel.

Mag Lock Beams

  • New automotive-grade magnesium cast to an exact specification cuts the weight of Ronix's aluminum parts by a third.
  • Easier assembly from tightly toleranced parts.
  • Creates more heel and toe response with the "U" shaped structure running parallel to the foot.
  • As load increases on the upper, these beams promote more interlock between the skeleton and baseplate.


  • Cambered shape adds pressure to the heel and toe areas, which preloads the plate as it is mounted to the board, ultimately reducing plate flex.
  • Dampens vibration underfoot.
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Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Construction Closed Toe
Flex Medium
Model Year 2018
Color Multi