Ronix Press Play ATR

Ronix Press Play ATR "S" Edition (Green Marilyn) Wakeboard

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Ronix Press Play ATR "S" Edition (Green Marilyn) Wakeboard

Ronix 2017 Press Play ATR “S” Edition (Green Marilyn) Wakeboard
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  • Rocker Flex
  • G&R Tech
  • Concave Bottom
  • Krypto Cable: Different fibers are brewed up and then woven together to make a stronger compound. The Krypto Cable surrounds the profile of the board is fused together with the board's core. Combined with monocque laminted glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board.
  • M6 Hardware
  • Sintered Base
  • Endorsed by members of the Kinetik Crew

This high end cable shredder proves that not every aspect of a cable board has to be soft. This shape has a variable flex along the rocker line with a thicker/stiffer belly, then transitions to a super thin profiled, soft tip/tail. Some riders want to be able to rock into a press with a bigger pivot point underneath their feet and have a smaller flex point in the end of the board. This style of board also creates bigger ollies and more snap off the kicker. Comparable to the Flexbox 2 Kinetik Project, but with a bigger overall sweet spot, and a more affordable value.


Size (cm)Rocker StyleHeight (inches)Stance (inches)Center (inches)Surface (inches)Weight Range (lbs)
136.3 Continuous 2.4" 22.5"-26.5" 17" 818 Sq In Up To 185 lbs
141.1 Continuous 2.5" 23"-27" 17" 853 Sq In 160 lbs and Up
146.3 Continuous 2.6" 24"-28" 17.3" 882 Sq In 175 lbs and Up
More Information
Brand Ronix
Gender Men's
Model Year 2017
Ability Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, Advanced-Expert
Base Slider
Wakeboard Flex Traditional
Rocker Continuous
Type Cable/Park/Slider