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Ambush Board Co. Multi-Shoe Incentive Program

Buy 2 Pairs, Save 10% | Buy 3 Pairs, Save 15% | Buy 4+ Pairs, Save 20%

Buy More, Save More, Skate More


Save on Skate Shoes and Sandals at Ambush Board Co.


We, as skaters, burn through shoes with a quickness.  Ambush Board Co. understands that.  Enter the Multi-Shoe Incentive Program.

If you get two pairs of shoes at once, you automatically save 10%.  If you get 3 pairs, you automatically get 15% off.  And...if you go all out and get 4 or more pairs, you save 20% right off the rip.

No coupon code required, no BS.  This program includes all shoes and sandals, even those that are already on sale.

Buy More, Save More, Skate More.

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