Globe Geminon Kick (Red/Dotwave) 37.5

Globe Geminon Kick (Red/Dotwave) 37.5" Longboard

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Globe Geminon Kick (Red/Dotwave) 37.5" Longboard

Globe Geminon Kick (Red/Dotwave) 37.5" Longboard
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  • Symmetrical freeride board with drop-through trucks, and small nose and tail
  • 37.5" x 9.125" x 23.75"WB
  • Resin-9 hard rock maple
  • Wide side-to-side concave with nose and tail
  • 180mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks
  • 70mm 83a wheels
  • Rugged downhill + recycled grip
  • Hand airbrushed color fades

No surf report needed for this land cruiser. Get out there and shred!

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SKU 10525215
Brand Globe
Longboard Size 37.5"