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Ambush Skateboarding x ABV Gallery Present "Decked Out"

Ambush Skateboarding x ABV Gallery Present "Decked Out"


The "Decked Out" exhibition, opening on Go Skateboarding Day, features work from various artists in an array of styles using skate decks as canvases.  Both original painted and print work will be on display and available for sale.


Ambush Skateboarding x ABC Gallery present 'Decked Out'


Decked Out celebrates the intersection of art and design with popular skate culture, and opens on Friday, June 21st from 6-10 PM.  The show will be on view during regular ABV Gallery hours beginning June 22nd.


Featured Artists:

Aesek (Atlanta, Georgia)
Alex Wolf (Atlanta, Georgia)
ASVP (New York, New York)
Barry Lee (Atlanta, Georgia)
Chris Neuenschwander (Atlanta, Georgia)
Diego Penuela (Atlanta, Georgia)
Ghostbeard (Hamtramck, Michigan)
Greg Mike (Atlanta, Georgia)
Jeremiah Britton (Brooklyn, New York)
LAmour Supreme (New York, New York)
Lucas Beaufort (Cannes, France)
Merlot (Chicago, Illinois)
Michael Mauldin (Atlanta, Georgia)
Mikael B (Beverly Hills, California)
Mike Aych (Dallas, Texas)
Nate Frost (Atlanta, Georgia)
Patch Whisky (Charleston, South Carolina)
Queen Andrea (New York, New York)
Ricky Watts (San Francisco, California)
TallBoy (Portland, Oregon)
Tanner Wilson (Atlanta, Georgia)
Taylor White (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Terry Urban (New York, New York)
Thomas Fernandez (San Diego, California)
Thomas Turner (Atlanta, Georgia)
Tiny Doors ATL (Atlanta, Georgia)
Tommy Bronx (Atlanta, Georgia)
Wolfdog (Atlanta, Georgia)
and more...


Limited Edition Printed Skate Decks By:

Steiner (Los Angeles, California)
PaleHorse (St. Petersburg, Florida)
ASVP (New York, New York)
Denial (Windsor, Canada)


ABV Gallery
659 Auburn Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312


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