Winter Skateboarding in Georgia

It’s not uncommon to hole up inside during winter.  The days are short, cold, and for us in Georgia, the days are actually, well, pretty mild.  As I write this today Tuesday, January 17th 2017, I can’t use the weather as my excuse not to skate.  It’s currently 72° and cloudy in beautiful Kennesaw, GA.  Admittedly, it’s unseasonably warm.  Still, I find myself counting the days until spring.  For your information, spring is 61 days, 14 hours, and 9 minutes away.  Look at the forecast for the next 10 days.  Despite some rain here and there, it’s definitely not too bad, eh?

You’re crazy if you aren’t stoked on this forecast.  Time to move the beanies, sweatshirts, and jackets back to storage?  Maybe not quite yet…because, out of the 61 “winter” days left, more than likely we’ll experience a couple more cold snaps and inclement weather that may render the streets “un-skateable.”  I’m by no means a meteorologist, but I’d guess it’ll be due to negligible amounts of ice or rain.  (Knock on wood!)

Then why is it so hard to skate  when the thermostat drops below 50?  When this happens I’ll be the first to declare,  “Oh’ no it’s too ‘cold’ out today”…and hit up the couch.  However, I have learned to put the winter blues into perspective, which helps  stave off the “winter weight” I’d otherwise pack on.  Think of all the skateboarders who skate through much harsher winters or wish it were slighter warmer so that they could.  Hell, I wonder how much money is spent annually by skateboarders escaping the grips of winter?  That’s a survey I would like to see!

In this clip from @dimemtl someone is skating Peace Park in Montreal at a reported 3°.  For their own sake I hope that is in Celsius.  Regardless, it still was wayyyy colder there than it was here today.

If that clip didn’t make you feel like you’re blowing it, remember last winter in Philly?  While a lot of us sat in our warm homes, offices, or skateparks, flocks of skateboarders made their final pilgrimage to Philadelphia in hopes of getting their last sessions in at Love Park!  Some of those days it was freezing and they skated well into the night, and I remained inside and watched as a digital spectator, which isn’t nearly as fun as actually skateboarding.

Still not motivated?  Just watch Quartersnack’s 2015 winter montage.  Yep, that white stuff floating around in the sky and accumulating on the streets is SNOW!  Enough snow that would make me pray it was 43° out.

With all these cats enduring the frigid cold, I think I can look past my marginally frozen bushings, numb fingers, and runny nose long enough to grab a jacket and hit the streets.  That is only if ol’ man winter actually decides rear his face again.  Regardless, I  personally plan to at least try to seize each and every last dry day this winter, because once the heat and humidity comes, I’ll be singing a different tune!

Happy shredding everyone!

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