Trey “Catnip” Abad Interview

Catnip is a hard character to describe.  He’s like a ninja, a cat, a Jedi, and Donny from the Wild Thornberrys all rolled in to one.  In most cases, he is a man of few words.  Throw him on a skateboard and he’s hell on wheels, charging everything at full speed, taking slams, grinding far and flying high, all with a smile across those crooked ass teeth.  “Who the hells is that little dude!?!?” is a common response from someone seeing him in action for the first time.  A true skate rat, down to skate anything anywhere at anytime, never complaining, with a trick selection as odd and bad ass as himself.

Me: First things first, where the hell did you get that shirt?

Catnip:  My mom took me to a thrift store and I found it for 2 bucks. I think its made by No Boundaries.

Me: Do you think that the shirt has helped you land tricks?  I notice a lot of your gnarlier tricks from your last part the shirt is present.

Catnip: I don’t think so. Might just be a coincidence.

Me: You’re from the same town as Josh. How was it growing up in the middle of no where with that dude?

Catnip: It was really fun.  Especially after I moved right next door to him.  Skate the back side of his house everyday, then at night throw shit at cars.

Me: What did he have at his house?

Catnip: Had an unfinished foundation with rails and boxes and stuff.  His brother made us a quarter pipe. It was sick. It was a 5 footer.  Had a bank too for a while.

Me: Would you say growing up skating with Josh has motivated you to skate harder?

Catnip:  Definitely. When you see someone destroying handrails like him when he was 13 it pushes you.  He’s been super gnarly ever since I’ve known him.

Sequence by: David Morico

Me: But you guys have a completely different trick selection.

Catnip: I dunno. Opposites attract.

Me: What would you say were your influences growing up?

Catnip: The Ruin video “Noveau” influenced me a lot.  The Flip video “Sorry” was a good one. Emerica videos.  Geoff Rowley, Arto, Penny and in the Ruin video everyone killed it.  Creasy killed it making the damn thing.

Me: Speaking of videos, how has life been since SEC 3?

Catnip:  It’s been good, chillin’ skating all the time.

Me: Did you get a good response about your part?

Catnip: Everyone told me they liked it.  Pretty happy with it, my first real video part, the whole process was good. Probably the funnest time of my life.

Me: What trick from your part were you the most psyched on? And what trick was the most torturous to pull?

Catnip: The switch 3 flip in Miami I was most psyched on. It gave me the best feeling rolling away.  I still can’t describe that feeling.  Most torturous was probably the switch backside flip over the bump in Nashville.  Went 3 different times, tried each time for well over an hour, and would just stick tons of em and slip out.  It just would not happen.  Finally 3rd time got it.

Me: I know you went on most of the trips filming for the video, any trip moment that stands out to you?

Catnip: Yea the Miami trip when you were filming night vision.  Walking on that strip exploring the first night we got there.  Just thinking “Damn this is crazy we’re here for a whole week” such excitement, Miami heat.

Me: I remember we had to share that tiny ass room in the worst hotel ever.  How was that to you?

Catnip: The worst sleeping arrangement I’ve ever had in my life.  Straight tile with a sheet to soften it up.  Woke up with the stupidest feelings in my back.

Me: Did it make it hard to skate?

Catnip: No it didn’t, I was just so hyped to skate there I didn’t care.  To excited to be bummed.

Me: How ’bout new years in Miami?

Catnip: Off the chain, wild beach party.  Never seen fireworks on the beach before, just mayhem.  Walk around with beers in your hand cops don’t even care or anything.

Me:  How bout the wrecking crew walking back to the hotel?

Catnip:  Pure destruction, everything in our path.  Zak tore out a phone cord of a pay phone right next to our hotel. Some bum seen it go down I guess he used that phone all the time or something.  Pretty much tried to fight us as we’re going back into the hotel. I don’t know why I said it, but I said “don’t make eye contact”.  He was right next to us and he goes “Don’t make eye contact?  How bout I kick your ass?”.  Thought it was going down then the hotel manager had our back and told him to leave.

Me: How ’bout the taxi ride rock paper scissors?

Catnip:  People on the other side of the road that yelled out for the taxi. They got it but we seen ’em get it and then we thought we could run across the street and steal it from ’em.  Both groups were trying to get the taxi, then somehow it came up whoever wins in rock-paper-scissors gets the cab.  So Ben Hayes played one of their dudes.  We won. They still didn’t wanna give it up, but the guy that actually played Ben said “Nah its theirs fair and square”.  We only had enough money to make it across the bridge then had to walk from there.

Me: Atlanta has really came up in the skate world in the past few years.  What do you think makes our scene here so awesome?

Catnip: Its dirty and raw, I really do think that’s why.  Everyone helps out everybody There’s so many rippers of all ages, all types of skating.  We all come together at some point, everyone feeds off each other.

Me: Who from the older generation would you say has really helped keep it going?

Catnip:  Stormy, Jeremiah, Creasy is still doing everything he’s done.  Shawn Coffman.

Me:  Who’s killing it in ATL today?

Catnip:  Zeke, Jack Wishon, Sneedweed, Andrew Edge, Travis Glover, Dan Plunkett, Pat, David, Justin Brock, I could keep goin’ forever.

Me:  What do you think of all the internet content in skateboarding these days?

Catnip: It’s got its ups and downs I guess. I’d rather watch a full length video than just see some little fool around part or something.  If your gonna do it, (film skating) go all out.  I feel like the internet spoils a lot of things.

Me: More so than just skating?

Catnip:  I feel like a lot of things lose their magic when they’re over exposed on the internet.  Anything really, you almost know too much about everything too easily. It takes away a lot of the cool mystery of things.

Me: What about social media (Facebook, Instagram), you use that stuff?

Catnip: No, not at all.  I had an Instagram but I only used it like 3 times. I think its unnecessary, I prefer human face to face interaction.

Sequence: David Morico

Me: Describe to me in 5 words, Matt Mazza.

Catnip: Retardstrength, goofy, Itallian, cereal, and halo.

Me:  How is it being the longest standing couch occupant at Shady Lane?

Catnip:  It’s the best.  Its fun its a good time.  I’d recommend it.  You got Pizza the cat to play with, two dogs now, parties, it’s got it all.  It’s a nice skate house.

Me: What kind of chores do you do at the lane?

Catnip: Sometimes ya’ll pay me to do dishes, vacuum, pick up trash, take the trash out.  Sometimes I even clean Pizza’s litter box, feed Pizza as well.  That’s pretty much it.  I’d say its a pretty fair trade.

Me: Other than the Shady Lane residents,  who else is hooking you up these days?

Catnip: Jeremiah Babb with Bender Hardware, Freddy at Think skateboards, Tyler at Huf shoes, Brian at Ambig Clothing, and Nick Matlin over at Paradise Wheels.

Me: How’d you get so many good hook ups?

Catnip: Just from all my friends helping me out.

Me: Well I guess thats it.  What can we be looking for from you in the near future?

Catnip: Hopefully the FU vs SEC video.  Just trying to go on trips really.  Summer love.

Me: Thanks dude.

Catnip:  Thank you.

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