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Nine Club Guests Wish List.
The Nine Club Wishlist…

If you are anything like me by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around you are already planning out your week. While the thought of grabbing your lunch pail and heading out the door Monday morning is a drag, you’ve at least got a grip on reality and you are readying yourself for the workweek. Part of my Sunday ritual is checking out The Nine Club’s Instagram account in the late afternoon to see what guest they’ll be hosting Monday morning. Chris Roberts and the gang have been bringing us these amazing episodes every Monday morning without fail since January of 2016. I certainly don’t speak for every desk jockey but their show definitely brightens every working skateboarder’s morning.

That said, The Nine Club isn’t the end all be all for skate podcasts either. New “skatecentric” podcasts are popping up regularly now and some are really good. I’m a huge fan of The Bunt Live and Lee Smith’s Mission Statement maybe the best of all of them. However, no other program has yet to be as prolific as The Nine Club and consistency means everything when building a following. So I know I can count on them every Monday to deliver. That is at least if the guest is interesting. Not going to lie, sometimes I’m not interested in listening to anything someone like Chris Joslin or Mikey Alfred says.

When I saw Riley Hawk was going to be a guest three weeks ago I thought “man this episode is probably going to a dud, I wish they could get so and so to be on” and now here I am compiling my top 9 most wanted Nine Club guests. Most of these have a snowball’s chance in hell of coming to fruition but here we go.  In no particular order:

Julien Stranger

Maybe one of my all time favorite styles, Julien Stranger is an enigma. He’s never been much for spotlight and his footage is sparse but like other style masters just one push leaves us wanting more. From his days skating for SMA to having a part in Underworld Element’s classic “Sky Pager”, Julien probably has the wildest stories. He easily could fill an entire episode without even touching on Antihero butI won’t hold my breath waiting for this episode. Guess, I’ll just go back to watching this clip.

Best backside 360 ever. Change my mind.

Andy Howell

I hate throwing around hyperbole but in Andy Howell’s case I’m comfortable calling him a “legend”. Not only a founder of Underworld Element, but, he was also instrumental in New Deal plus he is an Atlanta original. So I’d love to hear Roger Bagley pick Andy’s mind and do a deep dive into some prime “grade-a” skate history stuff.
Ah, pre Olympics Atlanta.

Steve Rocco

I mean, come on who wouldn’t love a Rocco episode. Going to throw out another cliche here but he was a true disrupt-er. Being only 32, I’m a little young to really know what World Industries was like in it’s heyday but Rocco’s ruthless business tactics created an empire that no skateboarder will ever be duplicate.

Jim Thiebaud

A Jim Thiebaud episode would be a sure hit but talk about a dude who is incredibly busy. Thiebaud wears so many hats at DLXSF that my head spins thinking about it. Nonetheless, Jim, is arguably the most experienced person in the industry.  Just look at the life span of Real skateboards and all the charity work “actions REALized” has done. This solidifies Jim as one of the best to ever do it. Also who wouldn’t want to hear about early San Francisco skateboarding, skating for Powell Peralta and SMA? With a knowledge base as large as Jim’s this episode could easily be ten hours. That’s enough to listen to off and on throughout the entire week!

Rick Howard and/or Megan Baltimore

Rick and Megan could do the episode as a couple or individually and I’d probably still watch this episode twice. There is so much history and both keep a very low profile. One could go on for forever about Rick’s skate career; Blockhead, Plan B, Girl, DC, Lakai, and so on but the business side of everything would be stellar too. Let’s not forget that Megan is crucial too and it would be awesome to hear about her work at World Industries and being the matriarch of Girl Skateboards. I think this is the episode we all REALLY want and need. Fingers crossed.

PJ Ladd

It would be wrong to call PJ a one hit wonder. His career has spanned nearly two decades now and his part in Coliseum’s “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful, Horrible, Life” is the equivalent of Guy Mariano’s “Mouse” part for my generation. That video part wore out many VCRs and seemingly became impossible for him to recreate or top. Maybe that explains why he is so reclusive? Who knows but it would be great to hear an in depth interview with him now. Especially considering he has come into touch with his spiritual side. Sounds like an interesting episode to me.

Ocean Howell

I don’t really need to explain this one. If you know, you know. Ocean maybe one of skateboarding’s brightest minds and most accomplished academics. He is also one of it’s most stylish too. I could go on and on but his footage in the Ipath promo easily seals the deal.

’nuff said.

Since we probably won’t be seeing him on The Nine Club anytime soon, you can always listen to his thoughts on architecture and public spaces here.

Natas Kaupas

I do speak for everyone when I say skateboarding owes Natas a huge debt of gratitude. Without his vision contemporary street skateboarding may have looked completely different. His impact is second to none. Just think of all his stories from SMA, 101, Element, and everything in between. Natas is easily one of the most influential talents to ever grace a skateboard.

Brian Lotti

Last and certainly not least is Brian Lotti. I could listen to this dude talk skateboarding endlessly and he’s certainly solidified himself as an all time great.

It’d be awesome to hear more of his stories from riding for Planet Earth and Blind, to even his time studying buddhism. Not to mention his art career has blossomed into something special. This episode has to happen.

So there you go. These are The Nine Club guests I think all of skateboarding is dying to hear from. With a co-host like Roger Bagley and his deep knowledge of all things skateboarding these episodes would be incredible. Who would you like to see?


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