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Skateboarding has had a long and lusty love affair with art.  If you want to get hippy with it, skateboarding can be construed as analogous to a type of performance art where the skateboarder is the artist, the skateboard is the tool, and the streets are the canvas.  All abstract mumbo jumbo aside, skateboarding and art just go together.  We celebrate board graphics, have a deep respect for filmers and photographers, and basically can’t function without music.  And, many skateboarders are accomplished artists, filmmakers, musicians, graphics designers, illustrators, chefs, and more.  Skateboarding and art are so closely aligned culturally that they have essentially morphed into two distinct subcultures of a larger, broader lifestyle.  The OuterSpace Project is Greg Mike‘s full embodiment of this concept.

OuterSpace is an event series that merges public art, live music, design, skateboarding, and culture.  With an outdoor mural project at its core, OSP’s goal is to enhance outdoor spaces, generate positive energy, expand the mind, and engage the public through urban beautification and creativity.  The final party and main event, “The Big Bang,” is the culmination of all elements, including live art installations, musical performances, a gallery exhibition, Secret Walls illustration battle,  and, of course, live skateboarding.

The invite list to this year’s Big Bang was a who’s who of Atlanta skateboarding.  Gage Gum, Jed Davis, Trey Butler, Troy Cobucci, Jeremiah Babb, Chason Trau, Andrew Edge, Cole Frazier, Christian Hall, Pete Kelly, Robbie Collins, Abby Leathers, Wes Lembo and over 30 other skaters showed out for Greg Mike and the OSP.  The crew put on a demo that rivaled the live music and live art in both viewers and interaction.  The squad decimated the Goat Ramp and left a heavy impression on the OuterSpace crowd.

The live art was incredible.  Jeks, Catlanta, Letrs, Chris Wright, Denial, and more created pieces that generated an emotional response from the OuterSpacers and vibed perfectly with the music and skateboarding.  And, with DJ Dibiase setting the tone, the Secret Walls battle proved to be the ultimate tease to the main course, Spafford.

Much thanks to Greg Mike and OSP for having us out.  You gave the skate scene a voice as a major contributor to the overall Atlanta culture.  We are kindred, we are family, and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

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