Visiting The Kayo Store

This past week I had the chance to go visit the Kayo flagship store off Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  Fairfax Avenue is a highly regarded street when it comes to flagship stores for very popular skateboard and streetwear brands.  With brands like Diamond Supply Co., Supreme, and Crooks & Castles all having stores on the same block you could say having a piece of Fairfax real estate is pretty prestigious.

The Kayo Store
View from outside the store

Kayo’s store is the biggest on the block.  Equipped with teller windows and a functioning vault containing bricks of gold that may or may not be real, it was originally a bank that has since been converted into a premium retail outlet designed to showcase quality goods from all the Kayo brands including Organika, Expedition, DGK and Gold Wheels.  As soon as you walk through the front door you notice the real skate shop vibe.  Local kids lurking, loud music, super laid back environment, team riders in and out and the latest skate videos being projected onto the wall from the upstairs.  No elitist or condescending vibes from any of the employees either, despite the daily parade of star-studded clientele; Ghost Face Killa of the Wu-Tang Clan was cruisin’ through the store while I was there.  The shop guys rip, too!  The upstairs area is reserved for art galleries and parties held by the Kayo family, like the Brian Lotti x Organika release party.  Oh, and OG New York City legend, Vinny Ponte, runs the store like a boss.  Do your homework, kids.  The icing on the cake for the Kayo store is the fact that they were able to acquire some truly priceless skateboarding relics…like two original LOVE park benches that they house in the garage of the store and are available to skate during store hours. Read More >

R.I.P. Black Diamond Skatepark

In 2001, Discover Mills Mall was lucky to be blessed with an amazing skatepark designed by the one and only Camp Woodward. At the time is was named Woodward Skatepark. It had everything every skater dreamed of. It had handrails, kinked handrails, a foam pit, spines, vert ramp, mini mega ramp, euro gaps, and ledges of all sizes. Although it was such an amazing place, they struggled to stay open. The skatepark closed three times for months on end, collecting dust until someone stepped in to open it back up. It went from Woodward Skatepark to X Games Skatepark to United Skatepark, and it’s last label, Black Diamond Skatepark. About 2 months ago we heard rumor it was closing down for good. I didn’t believe it until I saw pictures of them actually taking the ramps apart. It was home to many amazing skaters like Travis Glover, Jordan Lucas, Warren Devarennes, and Anthony Dodaro. Those guys would probably not be where they are today if it wasn’t for that park opening. It’s always a bummer seeing a skatepark close. I was lucky enough to get out with some of the Ambush guys for one last shred! Here’s what we got. R.I.P. 2001-2014. Read More >

Jordan Smith’s part from “Afterglow”

Look below this badass original painting of Jordan, to check out his badass original part from “Afterglow“.  Curly really put it down for this one, definitely my favorite part of his.  I also included some photos of Jordan from the time we filmed this part that I believe truly capture the spirit of this fine, wholesome,  young man.

Moments before Jordan slid the back of his head across the concrete.

Sometimes you get the horns.

Took some downtime in Panama City Beach.

Jordan always an early riser, always dedicated to go skate.



Mazza Mondays: SEC3 The Final Chapter Premiere!

First things first: Thank you everybody for coming out to the premiere! It was awesome! We had no clue this many people were going to be there. For everybody that bought a copy, thanks for the support!

Saturday morning started great! Good ol’ Greenville boy Mckenzie Goff woke me with a little treat. After that, straight to the Chik Fil-A BUFFET at the Dwarf House for an awesome breakfast!

Then, we had a sweet sesh at Decatur park with all the boys. Good fun, relaxed enviroment while we are all waiting to head over to the premiere.

Finally, 6:30 rolled around. This is where things started to get rough (a.k.a. good). It was awesome seeing all the people.

As the night continued, more and more debauchery. We headed over to Estoria to end the night! Too bad there was a sucky band playing there making constant noise that just hurt my hears. So, I had to leave. Well, it was actually 3:30 am. So, that’s why I left! Read More >

Josh Butler Benefit Game of Skate

Josh Butler is family. Ever need a friend, Josh is there to oblige. Looking for a good time, Josh is your man. Need someone to talk to, Josh will listen. Josh has all of the characteristics you would want in a brother, friend, team rider, son, and even your daughter’s boyfriend. So, when Josh desperately needs your help, you better give it your all.

For those of you that don’t know, Josh Butler was shot in the abdomen during a robbery last year. He has made a full recovery, but his medical bills are devastating. And although Josh would never ask for our help, we know how truly deserving and thankful for the help he would be.

The Josh Butler Benefit Game of Skate raised over $2,000 for the Josh Butler Medical Fund. And, it was a super good time. Special thanks to all of you that came out to support. Your participation went a long way towards helping Josh get his life back to normal. Read More >

Ambush Demo @ Found Skatepark

Friday August 31st the Ambush team headed up north to Found Skatepark to show off the goods and give away some goodies. This was the first time up there for most of us and I have to say that the park is pretty damn sweet. The guys over at Found made good use of a smaller sized space and the park flows like butter. I know the Found is pretty far from home for you local Ambush dudes, but we saw a few familiar faces up there (which is awesome) and met a whole bunch of new rad kids as well. Hopefully, this video will hype some of you to drive up to Ellijay and give it a whirl.

Big thanks to Mike and the whole Found crew for having us, and an even bigger thanks to all the kids and families who showed up in support. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did! Read More >

Josh Butler Benefit Jam

The Ambush Josh Butler Benefit Jam at Progressive Skatepark was a success. Lets cut to the chase: We raised $3,015 throughout the event through raffles and entry fees. Everybody was happy. Josh got a good chunk of change to help out his medical bills and every single kid walked out with at least one prize. If you didn’t walk away with something, then you probably were not there.

The epic grom sessions were epic, the adult jams were insane, and the mini ramp jams were pretty wild. I don’t know what the parents are feeding their kids up there in Canton, but some of those 13 and under kids were hitting more rails than the big boys. The best trick event down the double set, big hubba, and the bank got the crowd screaming. One kid tre-flip 5-0’d the big hubba with a bottom grill in his mouth. Another board flipping guru landed a triple dolphin flip (or foward flip, or thunder flip whatever the hell you want to call it) down the bank. Mike at Progressive had quite a few brains to clean up off the floor because that kid BLEW MINDS. Read More >

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