Sesame: The Contest #5 Photos & Video Recap is Live!

As told by Matthew Goodison-Orr

The morning of March 23rd was clear, with a promise to be sunny.  The temperatures promised a beautiful Spring day.  At Brook Run Skate Park, tables and chairs were being set up, pens and clipboards put out, signs erected.  The music started to fill the air.  Sesame: The Contest was being held.  This would be the 5th contest in the series hosted by Christian “Drizzy” Hanna.  Soon, the skaters would roll up to the tables to sign up for the beginner or advanced divisions.  Drizzy is busy filming a few of the skaters for the highlight video shown here.  The skaters are warming up and practicing their tricks while sizing up their competition. And then Drizzy slowly skates out, megaphone in hand, and announces the start of the contest. Immediately the park clears out, he thanks everyone for coming and calls out the first 3 names. Read More >

Go Skateboarding Day 2018

Go Skateboarding Day 2018
Photo: Levi Dills

Without fail, every year “Go Skateboarding Day” sneaks up on us.  Could you blame us?  It always seems as though the day just passed.  Why shouldn’t we get deja vu since we consider every day “Go Skateboarding Day.”  Truthfully, nothing outside the ordinary happens on June, 21st.  Sure, there are a few special events, some sanctioned by the governing board of the International Association of Skateboard Companies, and other events that aren’t trademarked.  Regardless, to me the day always tends to feel about the same wherever it’s observed.  That’s because, at its core, “Go Skateboarding Day” is just another day revolving around kicking it with friends both new and old and celebrating the ever continuous joy of riding a useless wooden toy.  The spirit of the day is truly infectious.  Although, with all due respect, if the freestyler brainiacs that make up the IASC (in all their infinite wisdom) could pick a shorter day next time around, maybe, my sunburn won’t be so bad.

This year after weighing our options, we decided to keep it simple.  “Don’t overthink it, let’s pack up the van with boards, water, Gatorade, and hit the road,” I said.   “It’ll be sick because we’ll grab doughnuts and pizza too!  Everyone’s hungry, right?”  However, as our impromptu “Go Skateboarding Day” progressed, pizza seemed far from mind and, in retrospect, maybe the missing puzzle piece was the missing pizza slice?  Next year, I swear we’ll make pizza a mandatory.  That…and maybe beer.  Like you, I’ll keep my fingers crossed too. Read More >

2017: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2017 is nearly a wrap and for the first time in ages I feel that collectively we can all breathe a slight sigh of relief.  Why?  Well, we made it out of the dumpster fire that was 2017, guys.  While that is reason enough to tie one on and celebrate, let’s not get too excited.  Regrettably, 2018 is revving up to be just as turbulent.  Whether it’s the constant barrage of bad news or social media overload, it’s apparent that it is harder to focus now more than ever.  Like many, my mind has was cooked by 2017.  So that’s my excuse for why my very cliche year-end “best of” or “listicle” may be missing some very noteworthy things.  With that said, in no particular order, here are somethings that made some crumby days brighter in 2017.

The Atlantic Drift series by Jacob Harris Read More >

Stormy Pruett: 10 Years Deep

Rarely in life do you meet someone who is exactly the same on the outside as they are on the inside.  It’s not often that you come across an individual who acts the same in front of people as they do when no one is around. Or have your back when shit is on the line. Or live above the fray. It’s rare to find someone who is as good of a friend or better to you than you are to them. And IF you ever find that special person, consider yourself mighty lucky you are able to share 10 years with them.

This month marks Stormy‘s tenth year at Ambush. Throughout that time, Ambush and Stormy have grown together, evolved together and become synonymous with one another. So, how do you reward that kind of extended passion and loyalty? Forget the golden watch, its all about skateboarding, baby.

Introducing the Stormy Pruett/10 Years Deep limited edition deck. The board features pop art style graphics by Austin Fehn and a heartfelt tribute by myself and Jeremiah Babb shrink-wrapped inside. The board is available in-store only.

Stormy Pruett and Jeremiah Babb - Friends for Life
Stormy Pruett and Jeremiah Babb – Friends for Life

Beyond Ambush, Stormy is a dedicated husband and father, a caring friend to all, and is on the Mount Rushmore of Atlanta skateboarding. Thank you Stormy for all you are. Thank you for all you have given skateboarding. Thank you for your commitment and passion. And, thank you for all you have devoted to me and Ambush.

Stormy and Finley
Stormy and Finley

We have had a lot of great years together…but nowhere near enough. Here’s to ten more.

Atlanta Skateboarding History Lesson

Atlanta has always been known for its working class skate scene.  We work hard and we play even harder.  After a quick little sit down with our very own Stormy Pruett, I’ve come up with a little piece of Atlanta skateboarding history to share with you.

Andy Howell ripping, while most of you were still in diapers.
Andy Howell ripping, while most of you were still in diapers.


Some recognizable names that pioneered Atlanta skateboarding might include; Jimmy O’Brien, Load, Fred Reeves, Mark Jones, Andy Howell and Thomas Taylor.  A lot of this information comes from before my time, so forgive me if I missed a name or two.  Most of these dudes still rip to this day.  If you hang out at the Old 4th Ward Skatepark enough, you will definitely see some of these dudes drop in and kill it!  If you do see them around, make sure to thank them for paving the way for the rest of us little turds.

Stormy Pruett at The 40 Yard
Stormy Pruett at The 40 Yard

40 Yard

For those of you who are not familiar with the 40 Yard, it was probably the first DIY (Do It Yourself) spot in the city of Atlanta.  Located off West Peachtree street, the 40 Yard lied within the heart of the city.  It consisted of a long ledge and some banks and quarter pipes, with other obstacles coming and going.  It is safe to say that the 40 Yard was the beginning of a long tradition of DIY spots, including the Freedom Parkway Foundation, the Coop, etc.  Chris Head was a large contributor, along with many MANY more.  So many awesome stories come from the 40 Yard or Cruddside as some called it.  They even had a resident homeless person staying at the spot, his name was Troy.  Troy would protect the spot from anyone trying to steal or ruin any of the ramps.  The locals might include, but are not limited to; Stormy Pruett, Chris Head, Scott Mckenzie, Shawn Beeks, Jeremiah Babb (Owner of Bender Hardware), Jay Buck, Mike Summers, Brian Hutch, Ryan Flynn and Steve Young.  Although their recent fame would lead you to believe otherwise, Sidney and Therman Sewell, more likely known as The ATL Twins, became very familiar faces there as well.  Even Yelawolf was a frequenter of the 40 Yard.  As we all know nothing truly good or awesome lasts forever, in early 2000 someone purchased the land the 40 Yard had been built on.  A fence was put up around the spot, which did not stop people from skating, but soon after that a high rise building was built there.   R.I.P. 40 Yard. Read More >

Better Days 2 Online

It always gets me siked to see the younger kids out skating in the streets and making videos.  I love watching their videos because it reminds me of younger times, getting rides to the city from your parents, not having a job, not getting hurt nearly as much, basically just being free of worries or cares.  Unfortunately I missed the premiere for this video but Better Days 2, a video made by Grayson Miller and Nick Holtz, has been posted online in its entirety.  It’s definitely worth a watch.  These kids rip!  If you ask me, I’d say JoJo and Shane’s part got me the most hyped!  Huck it!  Keep up the good work boys.  Check it out, it’s dope!

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