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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Never Asked

What bearings are the best? How do you properly weight a boat for wake surfing? How do you do a kick flip? What’s the closest snowboard mountain to me? What shoes have the most board feel? What wakeboards are best for cable? What’s your favorite video part? Camber or rocker? Cardiel or Koston? Polarized shades or non-polarized? Go Skateboarding Day or Christmas?

Shops serve as a conduit of information that isn’t readily available out in cyberspace. Ambush is open forum where you can come in, hang out, shoot the breeze, and get the skinny on things. Unless you live close to a shop, most people are relegated to typing their questions into Google and hoping whatever comes out isn’t total BS. That is until now.

Welcome to Sup Bro, a blog dedicated to answering your questions in a way that brings the shop experience closer to you out there online. We want to help grow the culture of skateboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding by letting you in on some of the secrets we have uncovered over our history in the industry.

So, submit your questions by clicking on the “leave a comment” link in the blog title. Every week we will pick one or two and answer them directly on this blog.

Ambush Board Co. is you local shop.


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    1. Bro morning wood is still a very real thing for those of us living the adventure single but seriously though the first guy kinda summed it up

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