Snowboard Helmets Are Officially Official

It wasn’t that long ago that, if you saw someone on the mountain riding in a snowboard helmet, you quickly judged them as a newbie or a kook.  Not even five years ago helmet design wasn’t the most cutting edge.  Snowboard helmets were often bulky and heavy to the point they were uncomfortable and would even throw off your equilibrium.  They would even reduce your peripheral vision and make it so that you couldn’t fully hear all that was going on around you.  It’s the one piece of equipment that has truly changed for the better.  Our very own Eric Elliott, who runs the show here and had been riding without a helmet for years recently got a Smith Gage and had this to say about his first helmet:

I profaned of wearing a snowboard helmet.  It felt like I had a bowling ball strapped to my head.  I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t see anything, and I felt like a total dork.  Now…I feel that wearing a helmet is more comfortable than wearing a beanie.  Plus…I don’t have to worry about spilling my brains all over the mountain.

Today’s snowboard helmets are comfortable, lightweight, and technology driven.  Smith has been making helmets for a long time and every new model gets better.  This season the 2017 Holt is ideal for the terrain park or backcountry and features Air-Flow Climate Control with its 14 vents and Bombshell earpads.  The Smith Holt, Gage, and Allure are great options at great price points.

2017 Smith Snowboard Helmets

Probably one of the most known companies in snowboarding, anon. has typically been at the forefront of helmet technology and design.  The Talen is one of the most popular designs with its clean looks and sometimes bold colorways.  This year anon. has partnered with Fidlock, the award-winning designer of a new breed of ultra-fast and -secure fasteners.  Fidlock’s magnetic SNAP helmet buckle lets you open it with one hand, even if you’re wearing gloves.  And…closing it is just as easy, which means you can spend less time fiddling with your gear and more time focusing on your riding.  Make sure you checkout the Talan, Aera, and Raider.  You are guaranteed to no go wrong with any of these options.

2017 anon. Snowboard Helmets

Oakley is obviously most known for their eyewear, and you’ll literally see just about everyone in Oakley snowboard goggles on the mountain.  This year Oakley came out swinging with their new snowboard helmet line.  The new 2017 MOD3 helmet is packed with features like MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System); MBS (Modular Brim System); lightweight in-mold construction; Boa fit systems; Fidlock magnetic buckle closures; fixed ventilation; and removable comfort liners, ear pads, and goggle strap retainer; etc.  You get all that?  Serious snowboarders and novices alike would both benefit from these high-tech helmets.

2017 Oakley Snowboard Helmets

Last but not least are the kids.  We all once thought that helmets were a must have for the kids, which is very true, but the truth is they are for everyone who wants to spend their days on the mountain shredding and leaving without a brain injury.  Kid’s helmets are no longer boring, that’s for sure.  anon. did a collaboration with Disney and Marvel and made the perfect helmet for your lil Iron Man or lil Princess Anna.

Kids Snowboard Helmets

Don’t think of the snowboard helmet just optional equipment, think about it as an essential part of your setup no different than your snowboard, boots, bindings, outerwear, and goggles.  We want all of you to keep the shred alive for many years to come!  Happy snowboarding!

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