Sesame: The Contest #5 Photos & Video Recap is Live!

As told by Matthew Goodison-Orr

The morning of March 23rd was clear, with a promise to be sunny.  The temperatures promised a beautiful Spring day.  At Brook Run Skate Park, tables and chairs were being set up, pens and clipboards put out, signs erected.  The music started to fill the air.  Sesame: The Contest was being held.  This would be the 5th contest in the series hosted by Christian “Drizzy” Hanna.  Soon, the skaters would roll up to the tables to sign up for the beginner or advanced divisions.  Drizzy is busy filming a few of the skaters for the highlight video shown here.  The skaters are warming up and practicing their tricks while sizing up their competition. And then Drizzy slowly skates out, megaphone in hand, and announces the start of the contest. Immediately the park clears out, he thanks everyone for coming and calls out the first 3 names.

Sesame The Contest #5

Everyone is supportive of the skaters and their attempts.  The air is energetic.  At the end of the beginner’s event, everyone returns to skating at will and the free Jamaican patties, which seem to have become a staple at these contests, are given out.  Again, Drizzy films the advanced skaters as they all try to get in front of the camera, hoping to get a feature in the highlight reel.  At the end of the advanced division, the smiles and the “thank you’s” are abundant as Drizzy tried to exit the park.

Sesame The Contest

Sesame contests have become known for giving beginners and advanced skaters an opportunity to show their talents to the local community and win prizes.  The venue for the March 23rd contest had to be changed at the last minute to Brook Run Skate Park and, even with that inconvenience, skaters turned out in their numbers to compete and have a good time.  The beginners ranged in ability from the first-time entrant to those who had competed before.  Both divisions have 3 winners.  The format is 3-man jams.  With past Sesame contests having prizes as big as a free “Damn Am” Entry, Drizzy plans to continue to give local skaters this huge opportunity to get their name out there in future contests.

Who is Christian “Drizzy” Hanna?  Drizzy, as he as known to most skaters, is a motivated skater who wants to keep skateboarding at the forefront of the local eye of Atlanta.  He holds contests around the Atlanta area and this year plans to take the Sesame brand to other states.  First up, Utah!  Plans are underway for Tennessee and Michigan.  In his spare time, he films and edits video to promote local skaters and himself.  He has recently dropped a video part called “Sweet Tooth” which has been featured on the Ambush YouTube Channel.

Christian "Drizzy" Hanna

What is Sesame exactly?  Sesame is a community dedicated to hype and positivity into the skateboard community one day at a time. The entire Sesame brand centers entirely on the world of skateboarding. The Sesame brand also features a clothing line.  New attire is usually launched in Spring and Fall.  The 2019 Spring line will be available in April.  Follow Drizzy for all things skateboarding on Instagram @sesame.wop and @drizzyhanna or on YouTube @christianhanna for updates.


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