Saudade by Drizzy Hanna

Filming a part can bring both pride and disappointment, exhilaration and disillusionment, and happiness as well as pain. For most of us, we align segments of our lives with filming for a part. We make statements like “…the most memorable summer of my life was filming for part x…” and “…my battle with personal demons began while filming for part y…” or “…I met my girlfriend while filming for part z…”.

Through these experiences, we become who we are as skaters as well as humans. For Drizzy Hanna, the filming of Saudade followed this familiar theme.

“As skateboarders we go through a lot outside of just skateboarding,” Drizzy calmly recounts. “I personally went through some major changes while filming this part. From injury to briefly living in my car, there was a lot of battles I had to overcome.”

Filming for Saudade began in the dead of winter. January 2020 was a new year and a new decade. This inspired Drizzy to begin a new project.

“Things were going kinda crazy at that time. I was hurting mentally and physically and I came across the word: saudade.
‘Saudade’ is a word to describe the feeling of longing for something or someone; the hope for the return of things once had. This word described me perfectly because of the things that were taking place in my life throughout filming for this part.

“I was having huge falling outs with my family and friends. It got to a point where I finally had decided to move into my own apartment with a good friend. Moving out brought financial problems and things got tight quick. Adding to the financial burden was that the living space became toxic as well. This left me feeling as if I had no home and nowhere to go. I felt homeless and after a few days of living out of my car, I had no choice but to go back to my parents. I have amazing and supportive parents who welcomed me back without question. While this was a shot to my pride, I was grateful to not be alone.”

Relationship struggles and injury were also taking their respective tolls.

“During filming this video part, I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right ankle. This was because of a previous fracture I had suffered a while back. The bone was having too much calcium build up and was pushing my tendons apart and causing inflammation.”

As many skaters know, filming for a part usually doesn’t stop for injury. Release dates, personal ambitions, and now viruses keep you pushing through the pain regardless of the long-term effects the injury may have down the road.

“My video part wasn’t done and I had to persevere through chronic injury. I was able to keep my ankle just strong enough to at least finish the video even though it is in horrible condition. I wasn’t able to get the ender I wanted, but I am happy to have been able to finish the video.”

Life is replete with enchanting, beautiful, harrowing, and dreadful experiences. The secret is in what you take from them.

“Overall, I learned a lot about myself in the past 3 months. I learned to do better and be better and I learned to never give up. I feel we all need to learn these lessons at some point in life. However, I’m still left feeling Saudade. I still miss the past. I’m still hopeful for the future. I still hope.”

Drizzy Hanna

Enjoy the clips.


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