Outside the Box

Being a skateboarding fanatic for the better part of my life I’ve noticed that all my favorite skateboarders tend to adhere to the less is more approach. Nothing about their trick or spot selections were super over the top. Tricks were basic, but done at breakneck speed and with power and finesse. I could never really get down with the overtly tech skating, ledge dancing, or manual stuff. To me really technical skating could almost seem gimmicky or circus-like. Maybe I couldn’t appreciate it because somewhere deep down I knew I’d never be able to do it. Who knows?

 So why have I recently been so stoked on Matt Tomasello’s skating? As Jenkem said, “He skates like Rodney Mullen on Bathsalts.” He even tampers with oddball skateboards like Simon Woodstock.

Simon Woodstock's spring board
Thanks, but no thanks. Simon Woodstock goes full anti-gravity mode.

But somehow Matt manages to think way outside of the box but pulls it off without it looking contrived or gimmicky like Richie Jackson. So, if you’ve never watched any of his parts; below are some of the ones that I’ve watched repeatedly.

Just wait until 5:01 to have your brain melted.

If you are not already aware or his skating and like to gawk at some bewildering tricks, make sure you’re following his Instagram (if you aren’t already) and have your mind blown.



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