OuterSpace Project Mission 5 – Big Rain at the Big Bang

Atlanta has been insufferably hot and bone dry for months. We set three new records for the hottest October day ever with the mercury topping 97 degrees exactly two weeks ago. We were hoping for clear weather and comfortably fall temps to enjoy a night of skating, live music, and live art. But, the weatherman had other ideas and sent us a cold, steady rain.

The conditions were far from ideal, but skaters skate, artists create, and bands play on. Black Joe Lewis did his best impression of Prince at Superbowl XLI with a heavy dose of psychedelic blues mixed with mind-blowing levels of guitartistry. The cloudburst heightened everyone’s senses and turned his set into a face melter.

The cold rain transformed the skate session from a thick squad of Atlanta’s premier skateboarders to a handful of carefree die-hards motivated by several rounds of Hot Toddys. The rain broke free at the end of the night just long enough for Vans to hand out some cash for tricks and Trombone Shorty to envelop us with a bold, inspiring performance.

Artists like Catlanta, Cathryn Bozone, and Brooke Powell passionately yet robotically worked through the downpour. The artists seemed to either take inspiration from the precipitation or block it out completely to embrace their internal muse. Much respect for being able to produce top-level art in those kinds of conditions.

Sheltered from the storm was a grooving review by Partials, the Secrets Walls drawing battle, and the curated Prints on Wood gallery show.

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

Special thanks to Terminal West, ABV Gallery, and Greg Mike for continuing to push the art, music, and street culture scenes in Atlanta. And, big shout out to Vans for supplying the ramp and making it rain (of the cash variety) on those that threw down in the downpour.

Secret Walls
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