Neighbors: Keeping Us Inspired

It’s now early 2019 and like everyone we have a lot to look forward to in the coming year.   Everyone is busy making plans and attempting to execute them. Generally, the first step in every year should be to take down your holiday decorations because you don’t want to be that neighbor. Good neighbors are there to lend a helping hand and help keep you in check.  Neighbors build up communities and we should all strive to be good neighbors. While thinking about community I started thinking about the Southeast and our skateboard neighborhood, not necessarily Georgia, but the surrounding scenes. What videos or shops inspired me to want to be better, or at least got me excited to go skate. Here’s what I came up with:


Often times Florida comes at the ass end of a joke, especially in terms of societal norms and class, but I’ll be damned if anyone jokes about Florida skateboarding. To compile a list of epic Florida skateboarders would be impossible because it would be never-ending so I won’t try, as I know I’d forget a lot of people. However, when I think of Florida skate videos and the ones that inspired me the most, I’d be remiss to not include anything created by Joe Perrin. The videos he did for Montessi’s Westside Skateshop and his independent works are all Grade A, and I’ve watched them all endlessly. I would say my favorite would be The Good Life (2006) because, while there were a lot of familiar faces in it, I think the video really stands out because it properly introduced Jimmy Lannon to the skate world. Jimmy’s part is gangster and the whole video stands out for Perrin’s master VX1000 work.


Faith Skate Supply has been holding down Alabama for nearly 25 years now, and like Westside Skateshop, they also released a killer video in 2006, Reason to Believe, which greatly influenced me and a lot of my friends. While Reason to Believe aesthetically trended on featuring the gnarlier side of skateboarding, it too introduced us to someone who would become a household name; James Hardy.


Growing up north of Atlanta and skateboarding my friends and I would always have to travel to skate, albeit not very far to the city, but it was always little bit of a hassle, especially considering the amount of time spent in traffic. So a lot of times we would drive up north to Chattanooga to try to skate spots we’d seen in the TENNSKATE videos. That community up there was always incredibly welcoming and are still incredibly prolific with their video offerings. One of my favorites would be Videophile. Look no further than Ryan Cooper’s part in it.

North Carolina

Like Florida, North Carolina has turned out some of the best skateboarders in the southeast. Think of names like Marc Johnson, Chet Childress, Scott Bourne, Kenny Hughes, Justin Brock, and Pat Rakestraw to name a few. And, North Carolina’s scene was a very early adopter of utilizing the internet. Before skateboarding was all over the internet Post22 and SkateNC were bringing us all the gnarly North Cacka footage you could wish for. I’d have to say that Post22’s Carolina Love was very influential growing up in the Southeast, and Justin Brock’s part definitely stood out.

Beware: the quality of this makes it hard to watch, and the Cannon GL footage looks incredibly antiquated. Still amazing though.

South Carolina

Last, but not least, is South Carolina, which hosts some of the grimiest spots I know of in the Southeast. My favorite video offering from South Cacka is definitely Gang Wars by Mike Hoag, which came out in 2011 I believe. Dusty Yauilla’s part always got me stoked to go skate.

So, in case the cold January weather is leaving you uninspired, look around to your neighbors new and old for some inspiration and hit the door. There’s a lot of skateboarding to do this year!

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