Mazza Mondays: Skate Videos are Poppin’ off this Year

What’s up? Mazza Mondays going down this Monday. I must say its a good year for skate  videos. So far we got Creature CFSU, Transworld Perpetual Motion, The DeathWish Video, Bones New Ground, and Ambig Modern Art. Its great seeing old legends, new rippers, and friends that have made it into the videos.


Creature CFSU Free copy came with the May issue of Thrasher. If you like big handrails, giant airs, high speed tranny skating and huge ditches this is the video for you! Definitely a bunch of jaw dropping material in this video! From David Gravette to Ryan Reyes to Al Partannen. This video is sick!

Transworld Perpetual Motion 25. Filmed and edited by Atlantas very own Chris Thiessen, this video is full of clean smooth editing and really great filming. A good variety technical tricks, handrails, gaps, stairs, and tranny. Not to mention a bunch of sick spots in various other parts of the world! Walker Ryan kills it. Jimmy Carlin kills it. And my favorite part, Julian Davidson. He really kills it!

Bones New Ground II. Not much to say about this video. Their team being so big the video is basically just a bunch of skating from a ton of guys that rip! Jaws, Dakota Servold, Moose, The McClung brothers and Ben Raybourn are all seen in this video. Plus, a ton more in the 2 montages.

The DeathWish video one of the newest and as of now think its my official favorite video so far this year. It has a great soundtrack, good classic VX1 filming, and a bunch of true legends. You can tell everyone in this video really pushed it to having a good part. My top 3 parts from this video are gonna have to be Erik Ellington, Moose, and Slash. Jon Dickson turned pro after the premiere in LA, so that should already tell you something about his part.

The newest of the new Ambig Modern Art. This video is free in the July issue of Thrasher. Short but very solid video. Matt Bennett killed it and Clint Walkers part is heavy duty. Also if you watch past the credits into the flow section you will see our very own Trey Abad CATNIP!!! Making the cut. Hell yeah!

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