Mazza Mondays: Been Slackin’

What up? It’s been a while since the last post. Been real busy with skating and working. Made a fun trip up to Chattanooga a couple weeks back. Made a stop by Comfort skate shop to say what up to the boys. Scoggins greeted us with some pretty sweet homemade beef jerky. Did some skating in downtown Noog. Skyler and Zeke got some pretty cool stuff.

Lately been trying to help Catnip get as much footage as possible. The guys over at Ambig said they would love for him to have some tricks in the new video dropping this summer called “Modern Art” so we’ve been going hard in the streets as many days as possible. Look out for Catnip cause he’s been killing it lately!!

Last Monday, was the LowCard issue #46 release party at El Myr. It featured an ATL article with words from Stormy and photos by Morico. Scott Wagoner killed it bartending that night and putting up with all us drunk a$$#oles.  Thanks Scott! Also big thanks to Freddy Levy from Strangebird for hooking it up with a $100 bar tab for the boys! It was a super fun night!

Now, this past weekend was great! Our favorite boys from Nashville came down for a solid 3 days of skating. Good little SEC x FUCrue collabo sesh. We went to alot of spots and everyone killed it! Always fun when they come into town.


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