March Miracle: Time to Ride!

You know that Snowboard trip you had planned out West back in December? The one that was canned because the snow was sh*t?! Well, now is the time to re-book your ticket… The March Miracle is here!



After a mild and dry winter, most of the major mountain resorts out West in the Rockies and on up into the Northwest parts of the US were hurting for travellers to come and ride. After a very welcomed “March Miracle”, some mountains have received over 50+ inches of fresh snow and there is more on the way!!

My buddy and I were able to squeak a trip out to Sun Valley, Idaho towards the end of February. Man, did we time it right!!

We were sweating bullets towards the beginning of February when the weather report had temps projected in the mid 40’s, low 50’s.  The furthest thing from an EPIC snow trip.  But, out of nowhere, a week before our trip dates a weather pattern swept in and blessed us with stellar conditions!!

It was a short trip, only a couple days of riding actually, but it couldn’t have been better and I could tell there was a buzz in the air based on what the locals were saying. The common thread in a lot of the conversations we had was “The snow is FINALLY here” or “I haven’t ridden hardly at all this season because there just hasn’t been any snow”.

We had a really nice blue-bird day the first day on Bald Mountain. It was perfect actually.

Soul Refresher

We were able to take in all of Bald Mountain while visibility was all time, and make our plan for the next couple of days as the snow started to dump on us.  I had some of the best runs I’ve had in a long time.  A soul recharge for sure!

And to think, only a few weeks before we contemplated not coming at all.

Ever since we got back, the snow continues to hammer the mountains that needed it so badly.  So, if you’ve got the ability to book something…DO IT!  And, if you put off picking up anything for you trip because the season was a little soft, look no further than our selection here at Ambush Board

All our 2018 gear is discounted right now!  This should give you even more of a reason to get out there and enjoy some of this fresh snow, while keeping some cheddar in your pocket for a round of après ski beers!

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