“High ‘N’ Dry” Video – Wet n’ Wild

Fun Fact: A few local kids snuck into White Water here in Georgia a few years ago and skated the tunnel. They got caught and paid a CRAZY expensive fine.

MARIETTA— Two men are accused of breaking into Six Flags White Water and skateboarding down a waterslide, causing $20,800 worth of damage.

Joseph James Webster, 25, of Marietta, and James Bode Swanson, 26, of Atlanta, were arrested on felony charges of criminal damage to property and released on bail.

According to the arrest warrants:
The two bypassed three fences and gates to enter the closed water park on the afternoon of Feb. 20. They then used the Tornado waterslide as a skate ramp, causing “significant scrapes and scuffing to the fiberglass slide.”

The slide will have to be buffed out and resurfaced with special equipment. The warrant put the cost of the damage at $20,800.

Fast forward to this video from Thrasher! High ‘N’ Dry video is a way better outcome. Crazy right? Now imagine having skated such a spot and the owner tells you to come back anytime and bring some friends. What. A. Guy.

Now how about a crew of legends? Well Thrasher did it and it’s a really good video – All areas of the park were skated and the vibes were at an all time high. Give it a watch – you won’t be disappointed.


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