Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Another June 21st has come and gone. For skateboarders everywhere this means one thing: Go Skate Day! We at Ambush celebrated the day by heading over to Swift-Cantrell Park and hosting an epic event.

The weather looked skeptical, but nonetheless the turnout was large. Every skateboarder has their group of friends and Go Skate Day brought out all the locals. We kicked off the event with some music courtesy of the old school L.A. punk band: The Cheifs. This brought the hype. The Cheifs jammed while the skaters ripped the park.

Following the jam/skate session was the 12 and under best trick contest on the kicker. For not even being teenagers yet, these kids killed it! Kickflips, switch 180s, front shuvs, and nollie back 180s were standard for their bag of tricks. Wes Lembo served as hype man on the mic and kept the kids amped. When time ran out, a tre flip off the kicker took the win along with a brand new Ambush deck and $50 gift card.

After the 12 and under contest was complete it was time to get the open division best trick rolling. The kicker flat 3/double set/handrail were the obstacles to be judged here and the skaters did not disappoint. Brendon Lagna started it off with a front board shuv on the bump to rail. This sparked the session and soon everyone wanted a piece of the action. A switch frontside flip, front 360, full cab, and hardflip over the rail were just a few off the bangers that were landed amongst the chaos. Dakota Plumley hopped in the mix and front blunted the double set rail with no warm up. Just as we were about to call it, Brendon back lip shuvved the double set rail out of nowhere. It was clear he was the winner, so we hooked him up with a fresh Ambush board and $100 gift card.

The rain fell just after the open best trick, but it didn’t matter everyone was stoked! We headed over to the Ben Robertson Community Center to premier the 24-Hour Video Challenge edits and reflect on yet another great Go Skate Day! For more information on the Video Challenge and Go Skate Day contest click here.

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