Favorite Bobby Worrest Parts

Is it just me or has Bobby Worrest proven to be one of the most prolific skateboarders of his generation? The man is a perennial Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year contender and these days he seems to drop at least two parts a year, all of which are no bullshit, pure, plaza skateboarding. To me, no one personifies street tech quite like Bobby. He can do it all without making lines feel too contrived or tech tricks seem too over the top. And, the dude has never switched up his style or chased trends. When Krooked Skateboards released The Mermaid video two weeks ago, I decided to revisit some of my favorite Worrest parts.

So, in no particular order, here are the quintessential Bobby Worrest video parts.

Get Familiar by Chris Hall ’06

I am a patient boy.

You can tell from Bobby’s footage that he has been inspired by all the Washington, D.C., locals before him like Forbes and Martinez, but this part does lack a lot of Pulaski footage. But, what it lacks in Pulaski footage it makes up for with a Fugazi song. How’s that for D.C.?

Krooked Kronichles ’06

Gold rail destruction

It’s hard to believe this part is so old now. Looking at the graphic T-shirts and eS shoes makes me feel nostalgic. Krooked’s first full-length really came correct and I probably watched it start-to-finish hundreds of times. In this part Bobby notched several NBDs (never been done) into D.C.’s “gold rail.” When Mike Carroll threw down a backside lipslide in a line down the “gold rail” in Plan B’s sophomore release Virtual Reality (’93) I don’t think anyone could have imagined all the crazy shit Bobby would come to put down.

eS eSpecial Promo ’07

Bobby on eS was sick. Who remembers his pro model, the First Blood?

At first I wasn’t sure if this part would hold up, not because of the skating, but because he skates to Dr. Dog. But, by the time the part ended I had fully changed my mind. The song and skating go together amazingly. Also, the line at 1:25 makes me wonder why Bobby doesn’t do more nollie tres. Good God!

Facades by Jeremy Knott ’19

Outside of the Krooked The Mermaid video, this is the most recent Worrest part that I can think of. Coming out of nowhere, this part was an excellent reminder of just how good Pulaski looks captured on VX1000.

Bobby Worrest: Hometown Turf Killer ’14

Pulaski all day, every day

This all-Pulaski part solidifies Bobby in the ranks of all-time great plaza skateboarders ever. His head would be on the Mount Rushmore of plaza skateboarders right by Josh Kalis. It’s also hard to fathom that he never got on HUF Footwear officially either. Being that HUF is no longer in footwear, I think that it ended up for the better. Anyway, this part easily should have gotten him SOTY in my opinion.

Bobby and Hjalte’s Looks OK to Me ’16

Last, but not least.

I was almost hesitant to include this part because it’s shared with Hjalte Halberg, but holy shit their skating compliments each other’s. Both Hjalte and Bobby thrive on skating fast and technical, and this part stuck close to the ethos of plaza skating by featuring mostly footage from Republique in Paris and, you guessed it, Pulaski. Also, the part pays homage and features a Reese Forbes cameo. So, it’s easily one of my favorite parts ever. Perfectly executed.


After spending some time re-watching all these parts, I’ve realized that they are all worth revisiting. There isn’t a single one that I wouldn’t recommend. Bobby’s entire career is completely flawless. Even Chris Ray couldn’t butcher his Right Foot Forward Transworld part because his skating is too solid. So, if you have the time, go ahead and take a trip down the rabbit hole and study some of the best contemporary skateboarding ever done.


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