Cruising The Berrics

As told by Christian Hall

The good homie, Christian Hall, has been taking his skateboarding everywhere. With a workmanlike approach, Christian has spent the last month traveling from NYC to ATL to LA to Tampa, with a brief stint in Macon, GA in between. Through the miles, Christian found some time to relate one of his favorite experiences from his travels: a stout session at The Berrics with the guys from Primitive. Read below:

Growing up in school I would always put my school computer on private mode to sneak and catch up on The Berrics. Whether it was new products, Battle of the Berrics, or Battle Commanders, I had to see what was next. The Berrics is a private skatepark/skateboarding hub for products, content and contests.

Last week, I finally got my first chance to go. We pulled up to a warehouse that, at first glance, you would never be able to tell its a skatepark. Once you’re allowed in, somebody opens the front door to a short hallway that opens up to a huge area which is the park.

As soon as the doors opened, it was like I was booting up the website in my 9th grade social studies class. I couldn’t wait to explore and really see what was what. From the main entrance you get such a good look at the park it got my adrenaline pumping! All the homies threw down and skated off there way.

There were already several skaters in there already before we got inside. They were going so hard which made the vibe so much better. I could barely even stretch or warm up. i just wanted to get in and skate! After about 30 minutes, i was ready to film some stuff. But, we were all so stoked on being there that everyone was really only willing to give a couple tries till they pass your phone back so they can skate again. I don’t blame anyone because I was definitely on the same thing.

Its so hard to say a favorite obstacle in the park considering everything is made so perfect. If you don’t like circle rails, you can change out most of them to square. If you don’t like rails and you just want to skate the set, you can take the rails all the way out. You can even change the height on most of them! There’s something there for everyone to skate weather you like rails, sets, or manual pads. The Berrics has it all!

Finally making it out there to skate was a major milestone and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to share the experience with. We will surely find our way back!!

Later LA

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