Creature Tour Hits Kennesaw

Following up on their latest video, the Creature team launched a full-scale tour throughout the US. On Wednesday, June 7th, we at Ambush hosted the team at Swift-Cantrell Skatepark. The roster included some heavy hitters with names such as David Gravette, Truman Hooker, Willis Kimbel, Kevin Baekkel, and Chris “The Muscle” Russell. The team piled out of the van and the day was underway.

To keep things light, the team opted for a jam style skate session, giving the locals a chance to skate with their favorite pros and not miss out on the session. Not lacking in all-terrain ability, this team has something for everyone. Kevin Baekkel ripped the street course, hitting all the rails with ease. Chris and Truman effortlessly flowed the bowl.

After an hour of skating, it was time to give away some product. Skateboarding has its fair share of characters and David Gravette is one of them. Although injured, he kept the kids hyped. Gravette was calling out tricks for free boards and organizing races across the park, all while sporting a mullet wig and trucker hat.

After the last box of product was given away the team sat down to sign some goodies and talk to the fans. Special thanks to the Creature Team for supporting Ambush and Kennesaw! Check the pics and vid:

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