Ambush Skate Team: Milledgeville Video

Ambush Skate Team does Milledgeville

After an hour and a half of riding in the van, and Dakota and Wes trailing behind us in the Mazda (D had to leave early on Sunday. He has a job), we opened the doors at a DIY skate spot in Milledgeville. We were so graciously greeted by a small amount of rain. A lil drip drip. Everyone was hyped to get out of the van and stretch their sea legs that no one minded a little wet pavement. Time went by and redundancy set in as the DIY wasn’t too big and spot searching became more prevalent in everyone’s mind.

There is this chilly spot in a church parking lot by where our good buddy Dave used to live. It’s a concrete car ramp that runs from parking lot to parking lot with a small embankment on either side. It also has parking blocks bolted in the ground at just the right place (You’ll see it in the edit). It was a fun little spot until some dude came up and started asking us questions. He was sketchy, and we thought he was trying to steal our stuff out of the van, so we packed it up and left.

As we were driving around looking for more spots to skate, the sky opened up and it began to dump cloud juice all over the city. We found cover under what seems to be the only parking garage in the whole town. It’s a dinky little spot with a poor excuse for a manny pad, but it was all that was dry at the time, so that was what we skated. Word then got to us from a homie that there is an indoor mini ramp in town hidden somewhere behind a paint shop.

The address was put into the GPS and we realized we were all of five minutes away. Well, we stopped at the store for a refill on some liquid courage, so it was more like fifteen minutes. The van then arrived at the ramp and we were greeted by Ben and Liam. They took us in and showed us some hospitality for the evening. They even went as far as letting all of us crash at their place for the night. Much appreciation for those guys.

I can’t really let you guys know what all went down Sunday, but all i can say is look for a series coming soon! Until then, enjoy the Dadcam edit, photos, and random clips/throwaways that we will be posting on social media periodically throughout the process!

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