Ambush Game of Skate 23


After twenty-three renditions of the same contest, it’s easy to think that things can become a little stale. It’s hard to be inspired when the same group of skaters compete in the contest and the same select few seem to always win. And, although that might have been true in past Games of Skate, GOS #23 was anything but typical.

What jumped out most was how much the girls killed it. The ladies’ progression, style, and skill earned the respect of the guys. The girls were viewed and competed against as equals. Three won at least one game and advanced on to the next round. And, Miana Fishman turned heads by earning second place in the Beginner Division.

All the fresh faces in this years’ contest proved that skateboarding is an ever evolving culture with young guns always pushing it and trying to come up. Outside of skateboarding standard bearer, Niko Howard, the rest of the top spots in each division were won by new names with a different interpretation of how flat ground skating should be done.

As much as Game of Skate #23 was different from past contests, what remained the same was the unbelievable level of camaraderie in our local skate scene. Every one was cheering each other on, getting hyped on each others’ tricks, motivating one another to skate their best. After all these years, Game of Skate is still one of the best grassroots contests around.


Final Results

Beginner Division:
1st Place: Toby Gephardt
2nd Place: Miana Fishman
3rd Place: Matthew McNally

Intermediate Division:
1st Place: Diego Miletti
2nd Place: Daniel Avila
3rd Place: Malachi Webb

Advanced Division:
1st Place: Edgar Link
2nd Place: Mikey Lopez
3rd Place: Niko Howard

Much thanks to all of our sponsors. Without you we could not have hosted such a fun contest. You are what makes skateboarding great.


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