A Day In The Life of Josh Zentmeyer

Josh Zentmeyer oozes charisma. From his dayjob to the skatepark, from the skatepark to the wakepark, Josh is always excelling at what he’s doing. It’s no wonder that his unfailing work ethic has morphed him into an incredible skateboarder and wakeskater. Josh brings a unique perspective to wakeskating and often pops his signature Andrew Reynolds-esqe frontside flips higher than most big-box pros can dream (proof at 2:32). We’re proud to see Josh flying the Ambush Board Co. flag and look forward to watching his bright future unfold.

Ambush Board Co. Five Panel Hat

Can't stop the JZ Pop.


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The 2014 Wakeskate Tour Suwannee Pro Recap Video

The level of riding on The Wakeskate Tour has d*mn near gotten out of hand. Straight up, these guys are go for the gusto right out of the gate as if the qualifying round is simply a massive final before a smaller final.

We’re pumped to see Ambush riders Josh Zentmeyer, Ben Horan, and our good friends Austin & Travis Pastura at the forefront shaking things up. Press play and watch this incredible recap video put together by Rockstar. Oh yeah, and Benni…that frontside heelflip caused an earthquake up here at the shop.



Ambush Wins Shop of the Year

Wakeskate Magazine just unveiled their 2013 WEBer awards on Friday and Ambush Board Co. was well represented.

Josh Zentmeyer took Am of the Year honors with his work in Good Ratio, Fun Razor, and the Remote Philippines Trip video. Plus, his invention of “The Sweeper” made him a lock for the award.

Josh Zentmeyer - Am of the Year
Josh Zentmeyer – Am of the Year


Ben Horan earned his second Coolest Tool award with the “U-Turn”, a web of rope that makes a complete u-turn possible while winching. And, not to be outdone by his own contraptions, Ben also won Video Part of the Year with his epic section in Good Ratio.

Ben Horan U-Turn
Ben Horan U-Turn
Ben Horan Video Part of the Year
Ben Horan – Video Part of the Year

Finally, your homies here at Ambush Board Co. won Shop of the Year. Thanks for the love, Wakeskate Magazine.

Ambush Board Co. - Shop of the Year
Ambush Board Co. – Shop of the Year

Remote Ben Horan x Ambush LTD 40″ Wakeskate

When this idea came to light it was a no brainer.  Ben Horan has one of the greatest attitudes and it shows not only in his style, but his work ethic.  We gave Ben complete creative freedom with this project and a understanding that only a select few would have the opportunity to own a true limited wakeskate.  The eleven skates available for purchase make this a hyperstrike.  The result speaks for itself…a 40″ Swamp Thing that demands respect and should be used to its fullest potential.  Ben went even further with this project and provided the Aquarium Hardgoods grip tape and Aquarium Hardgoods Reggie Fin.  Ok…we must confess we have one hanging in our office, but it’s a nod to the Ambush archive of success in promoting wakeskating.  Our support and passion run deep and our Team Riders; Josh Zentmeyer, Danny Hampson, and Ben Horan. Read More >

The Wakeskate Tour Stop #2 | Retention

This past weekend 62 of the world’s best wakeskaters congregated in South Georgia for Retention – the second stop on The Wakeskate Tour. Being that it’s held at the home of ABC rider Ben Horan and d*mn near in our backyard, we made the drive to Nahunta, GA to catch all the action first hand.

The Ambush Wakeskate team made a solid showing, with Ben Horan taking the top spot in the six man final. The three day event was a festival of progression in wakeskating and skateboarding. With the addiction of the Sesitec System 2.0 allowing for extra pulls and lengthier heats, Retention is becoming the premier stop for The Wakeskate Tour. Be sure to follow us and The Wakeskate Tour for updates and results throughout the summer. Best of luck to everyone, go skate. Read More >