2019 Tampa Am & Everything that Comes with It

As told by Christian Hall

Tampa Am is the undisputed top contest for AM skateboarders worldwide. Whether you’re from Brazil, Japan, or Atlanta, GA. This is the contest to make it to!

Day 1: Practice Day

 The first day of Tampa Am is typically the Thursday before the weekend event. This means practice day. It’s hectic. Skater after skater. Board after board. Everyone is either trying to warm up in a crowded park or they’re already warm showcasing their best tricks. After practice everyone heads to the cafe in the back for the rider meeting/welcome to town after party. Personally, this was one of my favorite parts. You get to kickback and relax with your homies, meet new friends from all over the world, and drink free PBRs. You can even get “FREE tattoos”. I got three, how could you not love it?

Day 2: Last Chance Qualifiers

The last chance qualifiers are for dudes that didn’t make it to the top 12 at any of the Damn Ams. So, this is where skaters get one final shot to slide to regular qualifiers. You can even score a spot in semifinals or finals if you make top 2! 144 skaters, 3 skaters per jam, 3 mins each!

Friday Nightlife:

Free PBR and Monster Energy mixed drinks! On Friday night SPOT premiered the new Rage Club video “Swear”.

With parts from all the good homies like Justin Hearn, Tyler Hanna, Tylor Horton, and Jalen Willis just to name a few. After the video, we got live performances from Big Baby Scumbag, Digital Nas, and Yeah Freshie! It was such  a sick night!

Day 3: Saturday Qualifiers:

Doors open early at 9 am for practice so the dudes have plenty of time to get ready. Starting at noon the contest begins with 2 skaters jams at 3 minutes each. Only the top 30 skaters will make it out of this bracket which is one hard cut! First and second skaters advance to the finals, which is a huge advantage not having to skate another day and being fresh for finals instead of skating another round.

Saturday Night!:

Saturday night is gnarly! It’s the home of the Converse CONS concrete jam accompanied by another Monster Energy drink & PBR open bar. The concrete jam had a $10,000 cash purse ($2,500 for 1st, $1,500 for 2nd, $1,000 for 3rd, $1,000 for best trick, and $4,000 to give out for cash for tricks). Clint Beswick took a really gnarly fall that scared everyone, but he came out 100% okay and skatepark of Tampa even hooked him up with an extra $1,300 on top of his $1000 to help with his hospital bills. Good look SPOT!

Sunday Semifinals and Finals:

Doors open at 9am for practice, semifinals start at noon. The semis include 1st Place from  Friday’s Last Chance Open, 28 skaters from Tampa Am Qualifiers on Saturday, the Damn Am of the Year, and all 2019 Damn Am winners. Semis are two, one-minute runs, best run counts.

Finals start at 3 pm and include 10 skaters from semifinals, top two from Tampa Am Qualifier. Format was three one-minute runs, best run counts.

Finals result were held down by:
1st Place: Kairi Netsuke
2nd Place: Keyaki Ike
3rd Place: Austin Heilman

For complete results, click here.

Tampa Am was so sick as always and I can’t wait to make it back again next year!!

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