SESAME: Skate Contest #11 – Help feed the homeless.

The WOP Movement to Gainesville, Ga to try to give back to the homeless! Hosted by Christian Drizzy Hanna.
“Every time I Host one of these events, I get surprised by the amount of Hidden talent that’s in every city I visit.
Big Thank You to everyone who came out and supported today!
#WOP ‼️”
All Canned Food Donations are going to be donated to the listed organizations.
– Atlanta Missions
– Georgia Mtn Food Bank

Check out the highlight video of what went down. It’s great to see the movement be so strong!

Evan Smith’s “Modern Frequency” Video Part

Well here it is. Welcome to banana land population, Evan Smith. This part goes so damn hard. Some NBDs and tons of pure madness.

Captain Cosmic keeps the hits coming with another part full of head-scratching hammers. Tune in and trip out—Evan is on one.


Make sure you check out/pick up his new shoe from DC: the Hyde S Evan.

DC Hyde S Evan (Black Multi)

Go Skateboarding Day 2020 – Drizzy Hanna

Go Skate Day 2020 started out with unique and insane energy because of the protests and call-to-action mentality that is being shared with everybody during these times.

Sesame provided a custom built ramp for their festival.  Before the ramp could even be pulled out, there were people skating flat ground in preparation for the contest. It wasn’t long before the iconic Jamaican beef patties arrived and disappeared and everybody was sharing a smile with a full belly watching gnarly tricks go down.  I hosted a best trick contest and handed out product sponsored by Ambush and shared smiles with every person that grabbed a board from me.  As the event ended, with a nollie heel over the ramp, and the $100 cash prize was given, everybody continued to rush the ramp.  People could not get enough of it.  Read More >

éS Footwear – 25 Years of éS and the Accel

Anyone who has known me for the last 20+ years knows that I’m loyal to one thing; éS footwear and the Accel. Aside from a brief scare between 2012 and 2014, éS has been my only choice for shoes. Since their return, éS has paid homage to the classic style, functionality, and tech in their catalog, while also releasing a few limited throwbacks in the mix.

Trespassing Ticket at GA Tech - Accel Plus PJ Ladd - 2005
Trespassing Ticket at GA Tech – Accel Plus PJ Ladd – 2005

After success with the etnies Sal 23, éS Footwear was imagined by Pierre-André Senizergues as he joined forces with Don Brown over 25 years ago. Retiring while being recognized as a World Champion freestyle skateboarder, Pierre-André left his hometown outside of Paris for California.

etnies released their first skate film High 5 in 1995 and Pierre-André saw the potential of the new crew coming up. The video highlighted the talent witnessed first hand from the likes of Koston, Penny, Muska, and so many others. Read More >

Saudade by Drizzy Hanna

Filming a part can bring both pride and disappointment, exhilaration and disillusionment, and happiness as well as pain. For most of us, we align segments of our lives with filming for a part. We make statements like “…the most memorable summer of my life was filming for part x…” and “…my battle with personal demons began while filming for part y…” or “…I met my girlfriend while filming for part z…”.

Through these experiences, we become who we are as skaters as well as humans. For Drizzy Hanna, the filming of Saudade followed this familiar theme.

“As skateboarders we go through a lot outside of just skateboarding,” Drizzy calmly recounts. “I personally went through some major changes while filming this part. From injury to briefly living in my car, there was a lot of battles I had to overcome.” Read More >

MARTY – Short Documentary

Talk about an old soul in a young blood. This kid Marty gets it. With youthful vision and a deep connection to the fast paced bloodline of punk music and ’80s skateboarding, he lives his life his way…at 11 years old. Marty’s style is all his and is a nostalgic remembrance to when times were simpler. It’s almost like looking in a mirror or having a flashback when watching this short documentary. Give it a go and never forget that it’s OK to be different.

This 7 minute documentary titled MARTY follows an 11-year-old ’80s-obsessed skate punk who is stuck in the past while struggling to navigate the present. Produced by Skull Skates.

MARTY from Mike McKinlay on Vimeo. Read More >

Christian Hall: Reclaimed – A Collection of Clips from Along the Way

As told by Christian Hall

A few months back I decided to load up my car with a good friend of mine and make the journey to California. The goal was to really give my skateboarding my best efforts as the winter was taking hold in Georgia. Reclaimed is inspired by the road, filming trips, far away contests, and skate visits to new towns. No matter where I go, I always find myself telling new friends about my down south homies. I truly feel this edit showcases what the south has to offer and gives a taste of what I’m always telling everyone about.

A full VX | HD combo part featuring Christian Hall, Elijah Simmons, Jourdynn Sherman, Jairus Brown, Zey Wilks, Guy Azulay, Dru James, Ethan Herrington, May Oliver, Deven Wharton, and Justin Hearn. Read More >

adidas x Metropolitan Capsule 2 – ’90s Drift Culture Tech Pack

adidas Skateboarding is teaming up again with legendary NYC skate apparel brand, Metropolitan for a limited drop on March 21st. The latest capsule features a tech pack inspired by ’90s drift racing and import car culture.

adidas x Metropolitan - Ambush Skateboarding

“​We all had import tuner cars, like ridiculous Honda ’97 Civic DXs with a spoiler,” ​says Metropolitan founders Keith Hufnagel and Hanni El Khatib. “We both had a ’97 Integra with blacked-out lenses and stuff. That’s the vibe and a treasure chest of design inspiration​. ​All of this sparked from these Japanese import illegal drift racing videos, pre Fast & Furious in the mid ‘90s. They feel underground and illegal, which they were.”​

The blacked out adidas ZX8000 pays homage to clandestine late night races with accent colors inspired by the lights and paint jobs on those cars. Check it: Read More >

adidas Skateboarding presents /// SHIN

In celebration of the latest addition to the adidas Skateboarding team, this edit showcases Shin Sanbongi‘s effortless style on a cross-continental run with fellow teammates Filip Almqvist, Dennis Busenitz, Niels Bennett and Silas Baxter-Neal. Captured through the lens of Chris Mulhern on location in Taiwan, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

Music: “El Camino Negro” – Tommy Guerrero untitled by Likeminds Filmed & edited by: Chris Mulhern
Additional filming by: Hadrien Buhannic and Masanori Uruma

adidas Matchbreak Super x Shin

Colorway by Adidas Pro rider Shin Sabongi

Inspired by the archives but not limited by the past, the Matchbreak Super shoes are the highest-quality in Vulcanized footwear ever produced by adidas Skateboarding. Offering pinnacle comfort and performance, they’re ready to help you earn bragging rights of your own. Read More >