Bender Hardware 1

Bender Hardware 1" Allen Hardware

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Bender Hardware 1" Allen Hardware

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One inch Allen head hardware for adult skateboarders.  If you can't keep up with shit aside from your headphones and iPhone, these aren't the bolts for you.  You're gonna wanna stick with the Phillips.  If you're posting on social media that the spot's too wet to skate and there's a scrap piece of wood or broom in the background, ya gonna wanna miss these.  Been whining to everyone about the angle iron on the DIY spot's ledge being off for a few weeks as you wonder aloud, "When is someone going to fix this thing?!"...nah.  Typically, Allen head hardware is for the dudes who give a shit about the most mundane part of their skateboard...and they're willing to keep up with another tool to make sure their shit is exactly the way it's supposed to be.  The true nerds of skateboarding ride Allen heads.  Welcome to the ridiculousness.

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